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Who is next click

Next Click is an online media network that operates thousands of domain names for paid search, direct advertisements, and developmental purposes.

Next Click utilizes, and has expanded upon, the vertical site application concept created by Internet Pioneer David Shaul in the early 90's as the basis for the most powerful and effective advertising method available today. The vertical application concept is now practically an Internet standard for advertising networks.

It is likely that you may not have heard of Next Click before, but it is very likely that you have visited a Next Click Internet property. The vertical ad marketing concept we use is well proven and is now being promoted by most top marketing professionals. Next Click properties and verticals are constantly updated and enhanced to ensure that our web sites are relevant to each visitor experience.

-- Your next click is Next Click.


Next Click - Buying and Selling domain names

Next Click specializes in procurement and development of domain names and has acquired a large portfolio related to the industry. We continually review our domain collection and occasionally make a few of these domains available for offers from outside sources.

Buying Domain Names
Next Click is always on the look out for new domain names that will integrate well into our existing portfolio. We are only interested in .com tld's with a maximum of two generic words. Dashes are acceptable so long as the generic is strong. Please email your list and, if interested, we will contact you with an offer. No contact will be made if we determine that the domains are not in consideration for inclusion into the Next Click portfolio.

  • One dictionary word .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info (e.g.
  • Two-word .Coms, .Nets ONLY- Must be generic and widely used (e.g.
  • Pronouncable four letter .Coms (e.g. letters ONLY
  • Three character .Coms  (e.g., letters OR numbers
  • Three letter .Coms, .Nets, .Orgs (eg.
  • Two character .Coms, .Nets, .Orgs (e.g. letters OR numbers
  • Geographical places .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info (e.g.,

Selling Domain Names
If you are interested in one of our domain names please visit All domains, for which we are currently accepting offers, are listed both as "make offer" and on occasion "buy now". We use Sedo as a trusted third party that both escrows the domain, and funds, therefore protecting both parties.


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